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  • George Peckham-Rooney
    Sep 30 5:39 AM
      Practical Classification Webinar Series – JSTOR and MITRE
      Time: October 3, 2013 at 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm (ET)
      Audience:  Entry Level to Expert 
      Cost:  $50 for Non-SLA Members, $15 for SLA Members, Free to SLA Taxonomy Division Members
      Registration:  http://taxonomy.sla.org/event-registration/?ee=4 
      The SLA Taxonomy Division is proud to present the second Webinar in our Practical Classification series. Sharon Garewal, from JSTOR, and Marcie Zaharee, from MITRE, will each describe how they use tools to build thesauri and classify data.

      JSTOR is an archive of over 8 million articles, book chapters, and primary source content.  The JSTOR Thesaurus was built to aid in the speed and accuracy of search results. The thesaurus currently includes over 56k terms and over 100k rules and continues to grow and change.  Using MAI, Sharon Garewal will show how the thesaurus has been constructed and how branches are currently being reviewed and revised.  Using the rule builder, she will give examples of both simple and complex rules that aid in more precise indexing. Testing articles for suggested indexing terms will be shown as a quality control activity.

      The Department of Defense (DoD) established the Net-Centric Data Strategy which provides the foundation for managing DoD data. One of the goals of the strategy is to tag  data assets with metadata to enable discovery by users and systems within the DoD and intelligence communities.  The presentation will provide an overview of a practical use case for constructing taxonomies to facilitate discovery and understandability of DoD and intelligence data.  A review of the taxonomy development process used, and how Data Harmony Thesaurus Master  and other tools were leveraged to develop controlled vocabularies will be presented.
      About the Presenter(s):
      Sharon Garewal is a Metadata Librarian for JSTOR.  Sharon is responsible for setting standards and writing guidelines for the creation of JSTOR metadata as well as creating metadata via the completion of title history research and composing cataloging records.  Sharon is also an editor and trainer for the JSTOR Thesaurus.  Sharon received her Master’s in Information Science from Kent State University. 
      Dr. Marcie Zaharee joined MITRE in 2005 as the ADH for Information Management and Practice. She worked to advance knowledge management in MITRE, championing efforts to support staff collaboration, knowledge sharing, and strengthening MITRE's knowledge base.  Since that time, she has walked the talk via direct customer support, internal brown bags, and publishing papers. In her current work as an Information Systems Engineer at MITRE’s National Security Center, she is developing a controlled vocabulary, taxonomy, and thesaurus on behalf of a customer. The work will enable more efficient communication for the community of users—saving money and enhancing outcomes for the government.   Marcie holds degrees in Business Management (BS), Business Education (MS), and Computing Technology in Education (PhD). 

      About Taxonomy Division:
      The Taxonomy Division addresses ways to organize and structure information so that content is accessible and useful. It offers a practical context for exploring issues and sharing experiences related to planning, creating and maintaining taxonomies, thesauri, authority files, and other controlled vocabularies and information structures. If you are interested in learning more about the division or joining us, please check out our website, where we have information about upcoming events. 

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