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  • David Riecks
    Sep 6, 2012
      At 11:32 AM 9/6/2012, Julia Maisen wrote:
      Right now we use Adobe Bridge to add metadata to all our images and a program called SecureDAM (Also called BizSecure, I don�t recommend it, and in fact we�re currently looking for a new DAM system).


      There are lots of them out there, and most have carved out niches where their uniqueness serves them well. The problem for those starting out, is figuring out what their requirements are, and going through the "dating" process in order to find the one with the right fit. 

      Starting with Embedded Metadata can be very useful in this instance, as you can evaluate a number of them by simply "ingesting"(importing) these tagged assets.

       We have three admins tagging and uploading photos but there isn�t much consistency in keyword choice, which I�d like to change.  I�m interested in maybe setting up a taxonomy through Adobe Bridge�s keyword panel, but I�m not sure where to start, our keywords can be pretty specific as they deal with scientific names and exhibits.

      The keyword field in Bridge accepts a fairly simple "plain vanilla" file format that is a variation used by Lightroom.  It's best to think of these as hierarchically arranged controlled vocabularies, rather than taxonomies or thesauri, since you are limited, essentially to branching out from a broad term higher order to more narrow terms.

      You can request a sample from my website, http://www.controlledvocabulary.com/products/bridge.html
      That will give you a taste of what the format needed looks like for importing into Bridge. 

      More detailed info on how to import/export/use controlled vocabularies with Adobe Bridge can be found here: http://www.controlledvocabulary.com/help/cvkc-bridge.html

       We also have Lightroom, but I don�t know a lot about that program and whether it�s better taxonomy wise than Bridge.

      The controlled vocabulary keyword catalogs for Lightroom are more complex, but whether or not it's a good fit for your operation is hard to say.  One downside to using Lightroom is that any terms that are designated as "synonyms" will only be assigned to images when they are "exported" from Lightroom.  See http://www.controlledvocabulary.com/help/cvkc-lightroom.html#hierarchicalkeywords for details on that issue.

      It's possible to share keyword catalogs between Lightroom and Bridge, but only if you are using the simpler format used by Bridge. See http://www.controlledvocabulary.com/help/cvkc-faq.html#q10 for more details.

       If you�re starting from scratch is there a good way to go about setting up your own taxonomy?

      I have a long list of examples on my site: http://www.controlledvocabulary.com/examples.html that may be useful, if your subject matter area is represented.  Typically these aren't something you'll be able to use directly, but you'll need to "wrangle" into a format that Bridge can use.

      As a first step, I usually recommend "card sorting" as a first step.  It's also possible to do with Excel spreadsheets.  I believe there was a thread on this process discussed earlier this spring that Donna Spencer was involved with.  http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/TaxoCoP/message/4252
      This earlier post might be useful as well. http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/TaxoCoP/message/3818

      One of the questions on the webinar I mentioned yesterday also touched on this issue, and someone mentioned the name of an application that David Diamond mentioned towards the end of the presentation (sorry, but don't recall is offhand, it is mentioned in the webinar... which is free to view/hear at: http://w4.picturepark.com/resources/webinars/dam-and-the-tao-of-taxonomy/

      Hope that helps.


      David Riecks  (that's "i" before "e", but the "e" is silent)
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