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  • Julia Maisen
    Sep 6, 2012

      Thanks for all the comments, here’s a bit more about my situation.


      Right now we use Adobe Bridge to add metadata to all our images and a program called SecureDAM (Also called BizSecure, I don’t recommend it, and in fact we’re currently looking for a new DAM system).  We have three admins tagging and uploading photos but there isn’t much consistency in keyword choice, which I’d like to change.  I’m interested in maybe setting up a taxonomy through Adobe Bridge’s keyword panel, but I’m not sure where to start, our keywords can be pretty specific as they deal with scientific names and exhibits. We also have Lightroom, but I don’t know a lot about that program and whether it’s better taxonomy wise than Bridge.


      If you’re starting from scratch is there a good way to go about setting up your own taxonomy?




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      At 05:58 PM 9/5/2012, Julia Maisen wrote:

      I work for an aquarium, managing their photo archive and DAM system.  We don?t really have a set taxonomy so I?m looking to learn more about how to create one.


      What DAM are you using?  Are you familiar with embedded photo metadata? 

      Most photo oriented DAM systems will recognize one of two IPTC (International Press Telecommunications Council http://www.iptc.org/) standards and extract that info when images are ingested/imported.

      The older IPTC standard is the Information Interchange Model or IIM ( http://www.photometadata.org/META-Resources-metadata-types-standards-IPTC-IIM ). The newer version is written using XMP, and is called IPTC Core ( http://www.photometadata.org/META-Resources-metadata-types-standards-IPTC-Core-and-extensions ) and the latest set include IPTC Extension (though only a handful of the multi-user / Enterprise DAMS support the IPTC Extension).

      Information on how to add this info prior to adding to your DAM with tools like Adobe Photoshop & Bridge, Expression Media, and Photo Mechanic are at http://www.photometadata.org/META-Tutorials

      Information on creating Controlled Vocabularies or Taxonomies for use with image collections can be found on my ControlledVocabulary site ( http://controlledvocabulary.com/).  There is a forum for discussing how to go about embedding information in your photos and working with interoperable metadata on the site as well.

      I was a guest on a webinar last week that might be of interest to you and others on this forum.  This was an hour long Q & A between David Diamond (Author of "The DAM Survival Guide") and myself titled "DAM & the Tao of Taxonomy." The recording is now up (as well as the questions from the audience that we didn't get to).  Access to the recording is FREE (no signup required).


      Hope that gives you a bit to get started.


      David Riecks  (that's "i" before "e", but the "e" is silent)
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