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  • drbogue
    Sep 6, 2012
      So two things...

      First, Julia - If you're interested I've gathered up some of the web casts and other information that I've published and linked it from a blog post. It's at https://www.thorprojects.com/blog/archive/2011/11/28/information-architecture-resources-and-questions.aspx

      I believe the thing unique to your situation will be the idea of specificity. That is when I look outside I see trees. An arborist sees a silver maple. As a result tagging happens at different levels of specificity. You'll want to consider who the consumers are and how familiar they are with the space that you're in.

      Second, Lisa - Depending upon the size of your OnBase implementation SharePoint may be a great fit. It's great that you're focused on the consumption part of the problem (findability) -- however, I'd be sensitive to how difficult you make the content creation process (putability) because you may be able to get a pilot going but if it's too difficult users won't maintain it long term. Minimally sufficient is a good principle here.

      --- In TaxoCoP@yahoogroups.com, Lisa Grundy <lisabgrundy@...> wrote:
      > Hi Julia (and all),
      > I work for a public agency based in Los Angeles; we are embarking on
      > creating a taxonomy (from scratch!) which will be used to aid search and
      > navigation in our being-built SharePoint suite of websites and later grow
      > to inform our to-be records-management tool. In addition, we are
      > struggling with whether or not we should retain OnBase as our document
      > management tool (users do not like it) AND we plan to create/buy a DAM.
      > All of this, of course, on next to zero dollars because we're a public
      > agency and give new meaning to the word "frugal".
      > Julia, if you would like to see how we are getting our taxonomy started and
      > "look over my shoulder" as I engage with the users etc, I would be more
      > than happy to talk/write. It is an interesting journey, one that keeps
      > wanting to have pitstops in Analysis-Paralysis-Land, but one that will be
      > so worthwhile when we are done.
      > To start:
      > We tried out a Taxonomy visualization tool (open source) called Tematres.
      > Great tool for visually explaining to people what we're doing - but for
      > actual work our users prefer Excel.
      > Our websites are being rewritten in SharePoint (one done, one other nearly
      > and a third in the early stages). I gathered these website owners and,
      > using some cool content from the web, explained what we are doing, why we
      > are doing it, and brought up websites that implemented taxonomies that
      > helped the site visitor find content.
      > Over the course of a few meetings we hashed out basic termsets (groups of
      > terms each of which feeds a metadata field) we would need and we are now
      > working out how, using our chosen tool, to solve certain relational
      > challenges.
      > The trick has been to keep everybody focused on the idea that our taxonomy
      > is a tool to help site visitors find content, NOT to inform them about our
      > ever-changing organizational structure.
      > We expect to have our Proof-of-concept termsets ready for the first website
      > in about 2-3 weeks. Once we have at least 2 sites tagged (probably end of
      > October because the second one won't be done until mid October), we can
      > examine them for search and for navigation. If the POC is a success, the
      > foundational users will teach and train others. If not, we have a small
      > enough group and body of content to go back and tweak.
      > Best,
      > Lisa
      > On Wed, Sep 5, 2012 at 3:58 PM, Julia Maisen <jmaisen@...> wrote:
      > > **
      > >
      > >
      > > Hello,****
      > >
      > > I work for an aquarium, managing their photo archive and DAM system. We
      > > don't really have a set taxonomy so I'm looking to learn more about how to
      > > create one.****
      > >
      > > ** **
      > >
      > > Julia****
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