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4438Taxonomy presentations sought for ASI conference April 17-19 San Antonio - proposal deadline Aug 15

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  • Heather Hedden
    Aug 11, 2012
      Hello members and friends of the Taxonomies & Controlled Vocabularies SIG of the American Society for Indexing,

      We would very much like to have one or more presentations on the subject of taxonomies, controlled vocabularies or thesauri for the next annual conference of the American Society for Indexing. (You don't need to be a member to present.)

      Location: Hotel Contessa, 306 W. Market Street, San Antonio,TX 78205
      Dates: Wednesday - Friday, April 17-19, 2013 (with post-conference workshops on Saturday, April 20)

      Online submission form:  http://www.asindexing.org/i4a/forms/form.cfm?id=50
      Submission deadline: August 15
      or e-mail Donna Drialo (DMDrialo@...) if you need an extension.

      We already have a taxonomies workshop submitted (by Alice Redmond-Neal), so it would be a nice complement to that workshop to have a couple of taxonomy sessions, so that workshop attendees will also feel inclined to attend the conference, and so that conference attendees who will not stay for the workshop can also get in on a taxonomies session.

      Sessions are 1.5 hours. You may either propose a full session for yourself or propose a panel of 3-4 speakers to share the 1.5-hour time. You may propose a panel now without all speakers lined up and then recruit/finalize the panelists later. In 2011 we had two successful taxonomy-related panels in addition to the workshop, but in 2012 there was only one taxonomy-related speaker session in addition to the workshop, so this coming year we hope to have more on taxonomies again.

      All speakers get a conference registration discount. While full conference registration is not granted, the registration fee is relatively low by conference standards. (Last year's 3-day conference rate, excluding the workshops, which are also reasonably priced, was $410 for members, $610 for nonmembers, although membership is only $150.)



      Heather Hedden
      Hedden Information Management


      Founder and past manager of the
      Taxonomies & Controlled Vocabularies Special Interest Group
      of the American Society for Indexing

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      Subject:[ASIsigleaders] RE: San Antonio
      Date:Thu, 09 Aug 2012 15:40:15 -0500
      From:Ina Gravitz <inagravitz@...>
      To:SIGs <ASIsigleaders@yahoogroups.com>

      Please ask your members to come up with presentations for the 
      Conference. (Donna has promised me to make room for SIG 
      presentations.)The History SIG panel last year was packed; I was one of 
      the presenters and all I did was speak for 15 to 20 minutes. My prep 
      time was minimal and presenters get $$ off their registration fee! So 
      besides the kudos (feedback from attendees to all the Hist/Arch SIG 
      presenters was how great we were!) there's a financial incentive.
      There are a lot of presses in the San Antonio area, and we are trying to 
      get editors to come and present. Think of the PR for the SIG and for any 
      member who presents. Their names will be in the program.
      I know the deadline is fast approaching, but if you get a note off to 
      Donna Drialo (DMDrialo@...) I bet she'll give you an extension to 
      get the completed proposal in.
      Let's make San Antonio a great conference.
      SIG Coordinator
      Disclosure: In my VP role this is MY conference so I have a very 
      personal interest in it.
      Ina Gravitz
      I. Gravitz Indexing Services
      Vice President/President-elect,
      American Society for Indexing
      The Voice of Indexing Excellence