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  • John O'Gorman
    Feb 7, 2012
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       Maybe we should move this off to another tread, but before we do I would like to respond to Matt...
      Part of the reason I asked the question is to get a sense of the word 'Enterprise'. We are all pretty much aware, I think, of the difference between accuracy (I have a broken arm) and precision (I have a compound comminuted fracture near the proximal end of my left ulna). If the domain of discourse is defined as The Enterprise, and we can define The Enterprise as all of the people, places and activities, etc currently relevant to and in future anticipation of that concept then should we not use Enterprise to mean 'only one'?  It is accurate to say 'an enterprise taxonomy' but more precise (to me anyway) to say 'The Enterprise Taxonomy'.
      That doesn't mean that we need limit ourselves to any other taxonomies subsumed by The One, but I was hoping more for Claude's monotheistic answer than Matt's.
      BTW: I believe that the unity is not only there (and that one could build a 'lesser gods' model of the infospace) and as Matt says that it is very powerful but that it is also acheivable without breaking the bank or any noses.
      John O'
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      "2. Is it possible to have more than one 'Enterprise' taxonomy? Contrary to other respondents, I tend to think that there should be only one enterprise taxonomy, but it contains multiple facets."

      The question asked whether it was possible to have more than one enterprise taxonomy. And the answer is "yes". Whether its desirable is another matter.

      An enterprise taxonomy should map the terms and semantic structures used in a business. So if the business is a completely integrated whole with no operational differences or political conflicts then creating a single enterprise taxonomy should be a cinch. The issue the working taxonomist has is that this is rarely the case. Yes, we can use synonym structures. Yes, we can use facets. But what we cannot (& therefore should not) do is attempt to impose a unity that isn't there.

      N.B. Broadly I agree with you. People have more in common than they think and a common enterprise taxonomy can be a very powerful thing.


      Matt Moore
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