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4273Re: [TaxoCoP] Re: Taxonomy Executive Summary for Executives / Senior Managers

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  • John O'Gorman
    Feb 1, 2012
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      I was looking for information related to David's request and came away from the presentations listed on Mary's link (below) with a few questions. I could start another thread but allow me to begin the questions here:
      1. The presentations I looked at inferred that a controlled vocabulary is a requisite part of a taxonomy...is that true?
      2. Is it possible to have more than one 'Enterprise' taxonomy?
      3. If you have multiple taxonomies coming out of a single controlled vocabulary, how does that affect search?
      4. On the flipside of question #1, can you have multiple controlled vocabularies contributing to a single taxonomy?
      I found the connection between taxonomies and 'search' kind of confusing. I can see using a taxonomy for navigation and a controlled vocabulary for limiting search results, but a taxonomy by itself (unless the answer to question # 1 is always "Yes") seems a stretch.
      John O'
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      Margie Hlava's Taxomony Bootcamp presentation is available at
      along with others, including slides for a presentation by Jay ven Eman
      "Presenting a Business Case for Taxonomies". You may find these helpful.

      Mary Garcia
      Data Harmony Support
      Access Innovations, Inc.

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