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4248LMS information architects?

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  • Nick Berry
    Jan 5, 2012
      Hi everyone, I've embarked on a new position at Amazon designing and managing the architecture for the seller marketplace.  This amounts to help pages, a couple of LMS systems, a case management system, and a lot of HTML.

      The LMS applications we use don't seem to be very metadata-friendly, which sucks because the application our content creators do their authoring in (Adobe Captivate) also lacks a way to mark up content components, and even trying to apply metadata at the object level (the whole module) means digging into file properties and adding unstructured keywords.  Yech.

      I'd love to make contact with any IAs or taxonomists who are working in the areas of e-learning, LMS, case management, or call center.  Thanks! 


      Nicholas Berry

      Information Architect

      Amazon Seller Support

      P: 206.266.9856 | C: 206.817.2797


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