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3852Re: [TaxoCoP] Good taxonomy management tools with ability to add and maintain custom term attributes

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  • Gary Carlson
    Feb 1, 2011
      Hello Gabriel,

      The features you describe are supported by almost all the taxonomy management tools I am aware of, including:

      Data Harmony
      Top Quadrant

      A slightly outdated list of taxonomy tools,  but decent starting place can be found here:  http://taxocop.wikispaces.com/TaxoTools.  

      You may also want to determine if the set of attributes applied to terms is global (applies to all terms no matter which taxonomy they are in) or at the taxonomy level (which means you could have a different set of attributes for terms in the "Product" taxonomy versus the "Geography" taxonomy.

      Gary Carlson

      On Feb 1, 2011, at 3:34 AM, Gabriel Tanase wrote:


      Hello all,

      From your experience, which taxonomy management tool or tools have you found, and hopefully used successfully, which comfortably and seamlessly allow adding and maintaining custom, user-defined attributes for terms, and allowable values (where restrictions are needed) for such custom attributes ?

      Thanks a lot for sharing!

      Kind regards,

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