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3831Business Value of Taxonomies Webinar Wednesday 1 pm eastern

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  • Seth Earley
    Jan 3, 2011

      Hi there,


      I am sure many of you have already attended this session, but in case you missed it or have colleagues or managers who you would like to have attend, we are offering our session on demonstrating the business value of taxonomies once again.


      I am surprised at the overwhelming response we have received from this session.  250 registrants from a single email message this morning!  So I thought I might see if some of you would like to add to that number.  J


      This is a great way to start the new year – set the stage for successfully leveraging taxonomies to improve information agility in your organization.  




      Here is the session description:


      Business Value of Taxonomy


      Look at the most successful organizations and what stands out is an ability to react quickly to changing markets. This agility is the result of ensuring that business processes, workflows, and communications between business groups move freely. The structure and integration created by the implementation of taxonomy are the building blocks for improving efficiency and collaboration. Taxonomy provides the organizational concepts and content categorization that set a business’s pace for information organization, access, findability, and reuse. These improvements lead to reduced costs for delivering services, developing products and conducting operations.


      How can taxonomy impact the bottom line of your organization? What are the advantages of taxonomy vs. technology solutions for improving knowledge flow? Join Earley & Associates senior consultant Seth Maislin for a sixty-minute rundown of the theory, practice and business benefits of taxonomy. You’ll come away with 5 best practices, drawn from real world experience in a wide variety of industries, to boost your bottom line and beat the competition through taxonomy design and semantic integration. And bring your manager - taxonomy design and integration projects are among the most cost effective and unobtrusive ways you can boost your bottom line while beating the competition.




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