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357RE: [TaxoCoP] New Members: match job seekers and employers

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  • Marcel van Mackelenbergh
    Oct 3, 2005
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      Hi Beth,
      Personally I do not like when machines are thinking for me. I like it only when it is an extra possibility to see what the machine has found.
      For sure I would recommend to use a faceted classification. This allows your target audience the freedom they need to browse through the data.
      I created a database with artists and companies. The purpose of the database was to bring the business and the artists into contact with each other. We used the database on a giant touch screen at a fair. Users could make a print of their selection and use the print to find each other.
      We were suprised by the categories that were important to most of the users. We thought that aspects of art (conflict or harmony, art as a means or art for its own sake, etc.) would be important. However, the location and the job role appeared to be much more important. So, don't think for your target audience, you're likely to be wrong.
      You can find the database (in dutch!!) on:
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