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  • John O'Gorman
    Nov 5, 2009
      Hey Nick;
      I'm up for that conversation. Connecting the concepts of faceted classification, master data management and business intelligence is brilliant - and where, incidentally, I believe information management will be going in the very near future.
      If I may, I have a couple of observations for the group. Hopefully I haven't worn out my welcome...
      First, in my world a facet is just a way to organize a fixed number of lists - stand alone columns, if you will - of related entities.  The difference with Q6 is that there are no assumptions about how the values in the lists will be used. For example, the words Manufacturer, Supplier, Distributor and Vendor are all values on the Roles list. Just the words, not the companies.  Likewise, all the companies important to my enterprise appear on the Organizations list. In order to keep all of these lists completely 'decoupled' no other attributes appear on the list. This is where Nick's MDM connection comes in.
      Second, building faceted tables now becomes a matter of associating the entities from individual lists to each other as needed. So, for example, I can now create an association between a given organization and an address (street or lat /long) and a Role. Likewise for Persons in the Role of Customer.  I can extend this approach to create associations between Persons in my Customer table with Articles in my Products table.  I can also do interesting things like give one Organization multiple Roles so that Acme Recreation Inc can be a Manufacturer, Distributor and Vendor at the same time.
      Finally, one recommendation about Location. It is tempting to make things like trails, stores, distribution centres and huts 'Locations', but in Q6 - while these and all other 'fixed' assets have a strong location aspect - they are in fact Physical Assets with a Location association.  Trust me on this one...your BI reports will come out much nicer if you separate the asset from its coordinates.
      Best of luck, Nick and if you want to talke more, please contact me off-list.
      John O'
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      These are not just facets - they are also master data elements that typically end up in data warehouses for business intelligence purposes.  Right now we're spearheading an MDM initiative, and our top "facets" or entities are:

      • Customer (attributes include name, address/location, activities, purchases, member/nonmember, etc)
      • Article (which is the same as Product - attributes include size, color, price, fabric/material, brand, gender, seasonality, status, etc...but an Article could be a rain jacket or an Adventure Trip or a ski rental)
      • Site (refers to stores, channels, distribution centers, trailheads, etc; attributes include name, location, type, etc)
      • Vendor (includes manufacturers, distributors, etc; attributes are name, address, associated Articles, etc)

      We are applying standard IA principles to these elements - interviewing users to understand their needs, doing inventories of the data and how it is used, setting up taxonomies to manage relationships between facets and attributes, etc.  Except in the MDM world these tasks are called data profiling, data integration, data quality, data governance, etc.  

      If there are other people on this list doing MDM and/or BI, I'd love to chat with you about data governance, org structure, tools, etc. 


      nick berry, content architect & taxonomist

      Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI)

      253-437-7860 (p) / 253-395-8201 (f)

      On Thu, Nov 5, 2009 at 12:49 AM, stephaniefkmg <stephanie@earley. com> wrote:

      This has been a fascinating discussion, weaving between business uses and theoretical concepts.

      I'll be summarizing the main points in a blog post next week and on the TaxoCoP wiki, quoting from this discussion.

      If any of the participants prefer not being quoted, please email me at stephanie@earley. com



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