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3214Re: [TaxoCoP] Science & Technology Taxonomy

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  • Janice M Herd
    Sep 3, 2009
      Hi Olga,
      Dow Jones provides the Taxonomy Warehouse (part of the intellectual property they acquired when they bought Synaptica)
      Look at http://www.taxonomywarehouse.com/resultsbycat_include.asp?vCatUID=40&catcode=080000
      for general scitech knowledge organization systems.
      Also, for medicine you may want to look at UMLS (many medical vocabs mapped to each other)....wow!
      Careful, more concepts must be disambiguated in a cross-disciplinary scitech taxonomy. The more disciplines and concepts represented the more disambiguation is needed.
      Jan Herd
      Business Reference Librarian
      Science, Technology & Business Division
      The Library of Congress

      >>> Olga Howard <olga.howard@...> 9/2/09 9:47:49 PM >>>
      Hi All,

      Has anyone encountered a really good Science & Technology Taxonomy out

      Thanks for your help. :)

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