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2822Re: [TaxoCoP] Re: Sounds like a job for Knowledge Integrator!

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  • Patrick Lambe
    Jan 12, 2009
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      So it's fun thinking up new names for ourselves. But back to whether
      or not we have any future as "taxonomists" I find it a bit worrying
      that we supposed masters and mistresses of the science of naming are
      so easily thrown off our balance about our own name by such a "banal
      and shallow" prediction from CMS Watch (to quote Nick Berry).

      I've blogged about this here: http://www.greenchameleon.com/ok/view/what_are_we/

      We build taxonomies. We sell taxonomies. We manage them. People ask us
      to help them with their taxonomies. We belong to a community of
      practice organised for discussing taxonomy work - the word "taxonomy"
      drew us here. Yes, many of us do other things as well, and we have
      names for those disciplines and identities alongside the taxonomy

      And we have pragmatic ways of describing ourselves differently
      depending on who the audience is and how informed they are likely to
      be. But I do find it odd we are so insecure even amongst ourselves. Is
      it really in the nature of taxonomists to be so fickle about names or
      just our own? Are we so unsuccessful in our current label that we need
      to find another to struggle under? And would a label change actually
      remove the challenges we face in what we do?


      Patrick Lambe

      weblog: www.greenchameleon.com
      website: www.straitsknowledge.com
      book: www.organisingknowledge.com

      Have you seen our KM Method Cards? http://www.straitsknowledge.com/store/
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