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2821Re: [TaxoCoP] Re: Sounds like a job for Knowledge Integrator!

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  • Torrie Hodgson
    Jan 9, 2009
      If we're talking about making up a new term in the American English language market, I wouldn't mind being a "Knowledge-ist" though I now think the word looks a little clumsy in type without the hyphen or second e.
      • It sounds like it has that studious and professional "-ologist" suffix
      • You could use clever presentation puns around getting the "gist" of a body of knowledge as a generalist
      • It's a single word to fit easily on a business card or e-mail sig
      • Laypeople stand a fighting chance of guessing somewhere in the ballpark of what we do
      • Laypeople will quit asking if I stuff dead birds (taxidermist) for a living when I tell them that I'm a taxonomist
      • It seems to embody knowledge storage/retrieval/consumption in a broad sense rather than being specifically taxonomy-based (not that I personally mind)
      • The spelling really does look klutzy now that I've typed it out, and the hyphen could cause some inadvertent mangling for alphabetizing or rendering in different systems
      • It might not be easily localizable in other languages, or at least not as entertainingly useful
      • HR people or programs tasked with cranking through many resumes may not recognize such a job title/function potentially causing our resumes to be discarded in the first round of job applicants
      This has been a fun exercise. I'm enjoying this thread very much, but I've got to head back to the land of paid productivity now.
      Torrie Thomas, MLS (yes, the venerable ancestor of the MLIS)
      Aquent Studios

      On Fri, Jan 9, 2009 at 12:55 PM, barbaraemcglamery <bmcglamery@...> wrote:

      I have been a:

      Data Manager (detested)
      Sr. Data Manager (even more detested, but at least senior)
      Senior Librarian for Ontology Development (wordy and no one knows what
      it is)
      Currently I'm a Metadata Architect(which is my favorite)

      I have an MLIS so for years I just told people I was a "librarian" and
      let them think I shelved books and practiced looking sternly at
      people. Now I tell people I'm an "architect" and I get questions
      about building design.

      Go figure.

      I agree we need more standardized titles. I've always loved
      "Information Officer." It would come with a badge and gun.

      Barbara McGlamery
      Time Inc.

      Torrie Thomas
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