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2820Re: Sounds like a job for Knowledge Integrator!

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  • barbaraemcglamery
    Jan 9, 2009
      I have been a:

      Data Manager (detested)
      Sr. Data Manager (even more detested, but at least senior)
      Senior Librarian for Ontology Development (wordy and no one knows what
      it is)
      Currently I'm a Metadata Architect(which is my favorite)

      I have an MLIS so for years I just told people I was a "librarian" and
      let them think I shelved books and practiced looking sternly at
      people. Now I tell people I'm an "architect" and I get questions
      about building design.

      Go figure.

      I agree we need more standardized titles. I've always loved
      "Information Officer." It would come with a badge and gun.

      Barbara McGlamery
      Time Inc.
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