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  • vduvernet
    Aug 4, 2008
      Hello Clint - welcome to the group. I'm a fellow lurker and believe
      I'm involved in work similar to yours. I'm wondering how many others
      in this group are primarily involved in product taxonomies -
      specific to retail, GDSN, GPC etc. I agree that it seems a bit of
      a different world than that much of the group is involved in but it
      may just be that I don't have the expertise level of many here.

      Any others out there? Or Seth, do you have any info on how this
      group breaks down in specialties?


      --- In TaxoCoP@yahoogroups.com, Clint ELMORE <clintelmore@...> wrote:
      > My name is Clint. I
      > work for a data services company in Wisconsin. I have been
      reading the board for a few weeks now and I am not sure how
      > much I can contribute. It appears that
      > most of the posters are well above my level of knowledge and
      skill. Also, it seems to be more on the code writing
      > & SQL side. I do marketing data
      > collection taxonomy design for box stores and also some GDSN work.
      > Some of my biggest challenges are to come up with product
      > category specific attributes that are narrow enough to collect
      quality data on
      > a product, but not so specific to cross the realm into manufacture
      proprietary data.
      > Like I said, I don?t know if my skill set will be of value
      > to much of the current discussion, but I will see what I can do.
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