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2364RE: [TaxoCoP] Looking for Classified Documents

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  • Ron Daniel
    Dec 1, 2007

      Some friends of mine used documents from the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Each US public company has to file documents with them, such as the 10K quarterly report, and they contain a brief description of the company and an SIC industry code. They used that data to train and test several SIC classifiers and compare the results. See http://citeseer.ist.psu.edu/dolin99practical.html for a writeup.


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      We are testing some automatic classification algorithms and would like
      to know if there is any testbed or benchmark we could use, with a good
      number of documents associated to a taxonomy, that could be easily

      M. Luiza Campos
      Associate Professor
      Department of Computer Science
      Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

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