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2209RE: [TaxoCoP] 7x3 classification

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  • Carol Ellerbeck
    Sep 5, 2007
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      Good day, all,

      I wonder if this could actually be the “7 plus-or-minus 3” rule?   I have heard web production folks refer to this rule countless times when discussing the optimum number of keywords to display for the top level of a website subject classification.  The “rule”, if such it is (I do not know the origin), implies that people can only keep about 4 -10 concepts in their memory at a time – thus, it is best to display only 7 plus-or-minus 3 top level classification terms.


      Just a thought….





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      This discussion has me intrigued. My googling hasn't been especially productive (but I have a few hunches) so I want a bit more information:

      Could we have a bit more context about the 7x3 classification?
      What is the subject area in which it was referenced (or the customer's general business area?).


      Kathryn La Barre, Assistant Professor

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