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  • Gardner, Mike
    Apr 2, 2007
      Taxonomy Group - New member

      I am a new member of the Taxonomy Group. My name is Mike Gardner and I am the taxonomist and content management strategist for EDS. I have been responsible for owning and managing the taxonomy at EDS for the last 5 years.

      The EDS taxonomy comprises of 3 inter-related components, a lexicon, a thesaurus and a definition of the fields used as part of the metadata for the enterprise. These are currently all maintained in a master list using Microsoft SharePoint. The key reason for the taxonomy was to assist in the management of our knowledge management capabilities within the enterprise, much of which is stored in Microsoft SharePoint. We have built additional capabilities that enable us to manage the taxonomy across SharePoint sites consistently, both in terms of managing the metadata directly and updating the metadata associated with documents.

      We are currently extending the scope of our knowledge management tools to include the introduction of FAST as the search engine and extension of repositories to cover Documentum as an additional document management tool (as well as upgrading to SharePoint 2007). The next major challenge is to ensure the taxonomy continues to be managed effectively across all of the new tools, so if anyone has experience of managing metadata across these 3 tools (SharePoint, FAST, Documentum) then I would be interested in talking to them.

      I am based in the UK though work for a team most of whom are based in the US.

      Mike Gardner
      EDS CIO EKM Team - EDS Taxonomist & Content Rationalization Leader
      Telephone: +44 (0)1332 663964 (Home Office)
      Mobile: +44 (0)7790 492991
      Hudson House, Derby, UK

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      Electronic Data Systems Ltd
      Registered Office:, Lansdowne House, Berkeley Square, London  W1J 6ER
      Registered in England no: 53419
      VAT number: 432 99 5915

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