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1860Re: Platform independant taxonomy tools

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  • aredmondneal
    Mar 2, 2007
      Hi, David,

      Data Harmony's tools are platform-independent and can be integrated
      into existing systems. They are Thesaurus Master for
      thesaurus/taxonomy creation and management and M.A.I. (Machine Aided
      Indexer) for fully editable rules to guide editorial selection of
      terms or apply them automatically.

      --- In TaxoCoP@yahoogroups.com, "lingley" <david@...> wrote:
      > Hi, I am new to the group and see some familiar names. A brief
      > background on myself: I managed the services team and knowledge
      > management group at Verity/Autonomy for a number of years. I have
      > recently left which leads me to my question for the group.
      > What platform independant tools are available, and respected by
      > librarian community, for developing and maintaining taxonomy
      > and associated terms (rules)? I am looking for something I can
      > integrate into an existing search platform. This does not
      > need to be opensource. The key terms in my question are "platform
      > free", meaning not part of another search company,
      and "respected",
      > which as we all know can be difficult to find.
      > I appreciate your time in reading this. I look forward to
      > with you all as well.
      > Thanks.
      > David Lingley
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