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1829Re: [TaxoCoP] Taxonomies, Search, and Microsoft SharePoint

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  • Keipat Patkei
    Feb 13, 2007

      You bring up a good point regarding Synaptica: It goes well beyond supporting many more relationships than those needed for constructing a taxonomy; and, because it is platform agnostic, it can be used to extend the functionality of any number of search engines, from Autonomy to SharePoint search, and any in between.

      You also mention another great feature of Synaptica which is that it allows multiple people to work with it simultaneously.  I think this is one of its strong points in this day of increased collaboration but also increased need for process governance.  To support the enterprise and the vision of the Semantic Web, Synaptica is an outstanding product.

      Keith DeWeese
      Dow Jones and Company, Inc.

      Heather Hedden <heather@...> wrote:
      I have used Synaptica to developed taxonomies for a client of theirs,
      but I would consider it more of a thesaurus development tool, because
      the system supports many more relationships than simply the hierarchical
      broader-narrower relationship. In fact you can create what I would
      consider ontologies with it. But I wouldn't consider it a "search" tool.
      Synaptica can be used over the web and thus is a practical way to have
      multiple people (taxonomists, controlled vocabulary editors, or whatever
      you call them) work simultaneously remotely on a set of taxonomies or
      controlled vocabularies.

      For some background, Synaptica was originally developed by the Synapse
      Corp., a company which Factiva bought a couple years ago.

      --Heather Hedden

      Information Taxonomist
      Viziant Corp.
      http://www.viziantc orp.net

      Hedden Information Management
      http://www.Hedden- Information. com

      plambe@straitsknowl edge.com wrote:
      > I have recently taken a look at Factiva's taxonomy and metadata
      > management tool Synaptica - it is designed primarily as a taxonomy
      > management tool (many of the tools I've looked at are primarily
      > thesaurus management tools), is quite user friendly, and can link all
      > kinds of controlled vocabularies to each other, moving it in the
      > direction of enterprise metadata management or ontology development.
      > They have also worked hard on standards for export/interface with
      > search and CMS tools. Don't know if there's a Sharepoint integration.
      > Patrick
      > Quoting Joe Lamantia <joe.lamantia@ gmail.com>:
      >> Kate is correct that several major players in the search space offer
      >> (or claim to offer) capability for taxo / metadata management. FAST
      >> is one. While the specifics of each will differ, anyone considering
      >> a searching tool should keep in mind that the various search
      >> platforms and tool suites were built to support those needs - not
      >> taxonomy management.

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