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1822RE: [TaxoCoP] Taxonomies, Search, and Microsoft SharePoint

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  • kate.simpson@freshfields.com
    Feb 12, 2007
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      Joe Lamantia wrote:
      "SchemaLogic recently released a SharePoint 2007 integration module - you might take a look at that, to see if it fits
      your needs."
      Karin Schneider wrote:
      "I liked Interse but haven't been sold on the iBox yet (I'm also not a sharepoint user). Would gladly here your opinion."
      We've just been through an RFI process pitting SchemaLogic, Interse and Wordmap against each other. I'd absolutely agree with Joe that you need a separate taxo/metadata management tool to help manage all those interactions and benefits quite outside of Sharepoint, and every tool on the planet is falling over themselves to integrate with Sharepoint 2007 at the moment.
      Which tool you choose however must be dependent on your particular organisation's needs. The iBox is more of an end solution than SchemaLogic, featuring as it does a search engine and user interface (and auto-categorisation/tagging capabilities). SchemaLogic is more of a back-end tool that can be plugged in to your systems by IT in as many ways as you wish - but it is a huge tool and can manage massive numbers of nodes etc, so you might want something slightly smaller and with fewer bells & whistles that come with either the iBox or SchemaLogic, such as Wordmap?
      And finally, we should not dismiss some of the "add-on" tools that come with the newer search technologies such as FAST and, Joe, you mention Endeca? How does that compare to specific third-party taxo management tools? Anyone compared them?
      (Oh, and if anyone would like any more specifics about the tools we looked at please feel free to contact me off-list!)
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      What are you using SharePoint to accomplish? Is it a publishing
      platform, application development framework, application server,
      portal server, etc.?

      As you've noted, SharePoint 2007 does not provide substantial
      information retrieval capabilities. You'll need a third-party tool
      for indexing, concept extraction, term matching, etc. As an example,
      I'm working on a project integrating Endeca and SharePoint 2007 at
      the moment. In this combination, Endeca's search, index, query
      processing and other information retrieval capabilities supplement
      MOSS 2007.

      And SharePoint is definitely not a metadata or taxonomy management
      tool. You'll need a third-party tool to manage any meaningful
      taxonomies or sets of metadata you need to support your desired user
      experience. SchemaLogic recently released a SharePoint 2007
      integration module - you might take a look at that, to see if it fits
      your needs.

      Joe Lamantia

      On Jan 31, 2007, at 1:04 PM, Paul Rosenberg wrote:

      > My company (a large insurer) is a major user of the SharePoint portal
      > platform. Unfortunately, SharePoint, even in the new version just
      > released, is very poor at concept searching.
      > You can supply a synonym list for a given word, but there are no
      > facilities for supporting taxonomies, categorization, or navigation
      > by concept. For example, a search on 'bike' will not find 'bicycle'
      > unless you supply it as synonym. The package does not supply any
      > standard synonym lists.
      > Microsoft says that many features were cut from the SharePoint 2007
      > package in the rush to get it out the door, and that we should look
      > to third parties to supplement its capabilities.
      > I'm curious as to what others are doing to remedy these lacks. In
      > the short term, I'm probably going to use WordNet to derive synonym
      > lists for terms that are applicable to the company's business.
      > Longer term, I'm looking for a way to adapt the taxonomies I am
      > creating to work with a third-party solution, or with the next
      > version of SharePoint (due in 18 months or so) that may offer the
      > support I want (we are asking Microsoft what the plans for it are,
      > but have not received an answer as yet).
      > Paul Rosenberg
      > GEICO Insurance
      > prosenberg@geico. com
      > 301.986.3826

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