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  • Judi Vernau
    Nov 1, 2006

      I am currently working on a project for Inter-IKEA Systems BV, the part of the IKEA empire responsible for managing the IKEA know-how (among other things). We are currently designing a substantial web application to publish out all the know-how to support internal colleagues, and it’s my task to design the information architecture and specify the requirements for the content management system. The know-how content will include a great deal of 3D Flash and other images, as the application must be very visual and engaging as well as pedagogic, and all objects will of course be linked to a suite of taxonomies to support searching and browsing.


      We would really like to talk to other organizations (particularly, but not exclusively, other retailers) who have, or who are trying to, build systems to deliver this kind of visually rich content environment, to share knowledge and experiences around the taxonomy and content management issues.


      Please reply off list if you are interested.




      Judi Vernau

      Metataxis Ltd

      07740 637111