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1549RE: [TaxoCoP] Re: trying to improve a doc management system - where to start?

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  • Melody Sullivan
    Sep 7 9:59 AM
      You have a lot of foundational work to do before you can improve the library -- other than the most obvious.  It sounds like you know this and are doing it.  Maybe after you are finished or even during the process, you can readdress the necessary content structure of your information.  However, do not forget metadata fields, thesaurus, and keywords.  If you can't do everything, focus on the file plan or taxonomy and the required metadata elements for records management or managing the life span of your information.

      annette feldman <aafeldman@...> wrote:
      Thanks for answering, Melody.  There really is no library yet, just a bunch of documents in a loose sharepoint structure.  I’ve been hired to make “too much information” which is purchased as raw data and analyses, as well as a lot that is created in house, manageable for people who make investment decisions.  I’m in the process of identifying and interviewing a cross section of users to determine the right level and different access approaches that will be needed – it will certainly not be a homogeneous group of users.
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      What is the purpose of your library and who is the audience?


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