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1541trying to improve a doc management system - where to start?

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  • aafeldman@aol.com
    Sep 6, 2006
      Hi all,
      I’m very new to the group and am having a bit of trouble even phrasing my question, but I’m hoping that someone will recognize what I need and can give me a gentle push in the right direction.
      I’ve been asked to improve the functioning of a document management system that is currently (and for the foreseeable future) based in Sharepoint with a somewhat improved front end for querying based mostly on customized attributes.  The current structure of the files is based on a mix of 1) time (current vs archived), 2) market segmentation (eg., macro vs micro), 3) groups of information that are generally requested together (eg., standard performance measures), and 4) random other topics.
      With the help of some documentation, I have been able to load files where they belong according to this system.  I’ve been investigating topic maps to try to find a more consistent way of organizing the info.  I think my first questions is, given the retrieval system of queries and the fact that I am the only one adding documents to the library, how much does the actual structure of the files matter, and is this an area I should be spending any time on?  There is something of an issue with findability, but I think this is largely based on incomplete or erroneous metadata in the attributes fields. 
      Yes, I am signed up for Seth’s upcoming series on content management, but in the meantime, any advice on where to start?  Thanks!
      Annette Feldman
      Portfolio Analytics Research Librarian
      300 Campus Drive
      Florham Park, NJ   07932-1038

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