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1406RE: [TaxoCoP] Re: Visualization technologies (TheBrain Technologies software)

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  • Bob Bater
    Jul 8, 2006
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      06 July 2006 17:24, Karl Hebenstreit, Jr. said:
      I don't have an extensive background with taxonomies, but I see traditional taxonomies as a special case of a more general dynamic, non-hierachical categorization schema that allows entities to be assigned to multiple categories to varying degrees. One of the reasons I'm intrigued by these tools is that I believe they have the potential to deal with this more general case.

      I couldn't agree with you more. I see the three main 'schemas' I deal with - ontologies, taxonomies and thesauri - as 'sub-schemas' of a much more general world of highly networked relationships. Which is why I refer to Topics Maps as 'Indexing in 3D'. Tools like IHMC Cmap Tools and The Brain, which allow more than just plain hierarchical relationships to be expressed, do indeed come close to being able to represent this highly networked schema, but I must still give Topic Maps the prize for the greatest flexibility, if not ease of use.

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