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1401Re: Visualization technologies (TheBrain Technologies software)

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  • karlhjr
    Jul 6, 2006
      Hello -
      I'm a new member of this group, having joined yesterday although I
      should have joined months ago. I've joined now because a colleague
      let me know about this thread.

      I've been using the PersonalBrain software since meeting its
      developer, Harlan Hugh, at a workshop in late 1998. It took me a
      while to figure out how to leverage it, but I kept returning to it
      because it is a relationship-based tool that enables you to deal
      with complexity. This is also the first software tool I found that
      takes advantage of the computer as a new medium (something that
      tanscends the paper-based metaphor).

      TheBrain Technologies also has a group tool, the Enterprise
      Knowledge Platform, BrainEKP. I'll be having a conversation with
      Harlan next week, and will organize a demo that will discuss both
      products (send a message to karl.hebenstreit@... if you're
      interested; also check out the demo available at

      For the past few months, I've been referring to these products as
      a "dynamic mind map". I don't have an extensive background with
      taxonomies, but I see traditional taxonomies as a special case of a
      more general dynamic, non-hierachical categorization schema that
      allows entities to be assigned to multiple categories to varying
      degrees. One of the reasons I'm intrigued by these tools is that I
      believe they have the potential to deal with this more general case.

      Karl Hebenstreit, Jr.
      US General Services Administration
      Co-Chair, KMWG Technology SIG
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