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1387RE: [TaxoCoP] Visualization technologies

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  • Roy Roebuck
    Jul 5, 2006

      I’ve used TheBrain for several projects since its first beta release, and still use it.  Be aware that while TheBrain is an excellent tool for modeling and tracking “networks” of ideas/content, it is less capable at creating “hierarchies” (i.e., classification structure with inheritable attributes) of content, which are fundamental to taxonomies and ontologies. 


      I typically categorize relationships (i.e., verb phrases) into one of seven “Relation Types”: categorization, containment, sequence, change, variance, equivalence, and descriptive.  TheBrain has strong support for containment relations, but only limited support for categorization, sequence, change, variance, equivalence, and descriptive relations.  Other technologies focus on one or more of these other relations. 


      I’ve found that the newer ontology tools with a fully open object model (i.e., object metaschema in Layer 4 (M3) of OMG’s Model Driven Architecture’s (MDA) 4 Layer Metamodel) can support all seven relation types.  I’ve found that CASE tools and MOF tools tend to have closed/proprietary/fixed M3 Layer (Unified Object, Data Types, Relation Types) and M2 Layer (General/Reference Classes, Attributes, Relations, Integration) models, because their primary focus, and historical purpose, and thus the limit of their vision, is at the M1 Independent Application/Service/Domain Layer for modeling of specific classes, attributes, and relations.





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      Thanks to those of you who have replied so far to my question regarding The Brain. Amanda Xu asked what the current URL for The Brain's vendors is. They seem to have moved physically, but the URL is still http://www.thebrain.com/. The Brain is now at version 3.03.



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