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1377RE: [TaxoCoP] Visualization technologies

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  • Bob Bater
    Jul 3, 2006
      Seth Early wrote:
      ...some people have told me that instead of losing context, this changing orientation allowed them to retain context.  They somehow had a better understanding by seeing how terms moved about.
      I think Seth makes an interesting point here. Certainly, for me, I expect context to change as I browse through a hierarchical structure. For instance, I store documents on taxonomies in two different places in my knowledge base, one for taxonomies from a taxonomist's point-of-view (techniques for building etc.) and another for taxonomies as information discovery devices (user experience, examples of taxonomies etc.). Of course, some documents cover both aspects, so I don't always know under which category I happened to store something. If I don't find what I want under the first category, I switch to the second one. The Brain gives me all the visual feedback I need in order to know which of the two contexts I'm in. And the other nice thing is that if I do this sort of thing often, then I can set up a link from the one context to the other and switch at a single click.
      I find this change of context essential in order to know I'm in the right place, or at least going in the right direction. In another of my workshops, I have my delegates explore the ThinkMap visual thesaurus at http://www.visualthesaurus.com/landing/. They generally love it.
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