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1376Re: [TaxoCoP] Visualization technologies

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  • seth
    Jul 3, 2006

      I recall looking at The Brain many years ago and meeting its creator and thinking “my brain isn’t big enough for The Brain”.   From my perspective, the changing orientation of terms caused me to lose context.  As soon as I clicked on something, all of the terms would rearrange and I became disoriented.  However, some people have told me that instead of losing context, this changing orientation allowed them to retain context.  They somehow had a better understanding by seeing how terms moved about.


      It reminds me of a friend who could never remember left and right, though he always knew north south east and west.  His directions would be “go down the street and turn south” as opposed to “go down the street and turn left”.  I could not understand this and would say  “left and right are always the same, north south east and west are always changing, how can you remember one and never the other?”.  He responded with “that’s not true, left and right are always changing, north south east and west always remain the same.”   His way of looking at the world retained a different context and perspective.  


      I imagine that the same might be said for a changing user interface…  Different users would prefer one context over another.  Does anyone know of formal usability studies that address that issue (for interfaces like the Brain)?



      Bob Bater wrote:

      Thanks to those of you who have replied so far to my question regarding The Brain. Amanda Xu asked what the current URL for The Brain's vendors is. They seem to have moved physically, but the URL is still http://www.thebrain.com/. The Brain is now at version 3.03.

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