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1292Search Solutions Conference Call - June 9th, 2006 (free)

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  • Stephanie Lemieux
    Jun 1, 2006
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      We will have a free vendor-sponsored search solutions call June 9th at
      1 PM EDT. Seth runs these calls from time to time at no charge to hear
      from innovative technology firms. On occasion we offer these vendor
      sponsored calls when they offer real educational value and are not
      just a pitch for products and services.

      Register by signing up for the mailing list:
      (select the free search call list and any others that interest you).

      In this session, we will see examples of advanced and innovative
      integrated search environments that will leverage various classes of
      search tool. This will include:

      Complex federated search

      Leveraging of large taxonomies

      Integration of multiple taxonomies

      Entity extraction

      Advanced clustering to improve search results and usability

      Integration of public data sources with custom taxonomies

      Auto linking of results

      Streamlined search that combines multiple data sources and
      leverages one result set to derive the second result set

      Natural language queries and semantic search

      Full session description: http://www.earley.com/searchcall.html

      Teragram is a well known tool vendor whose linguistic analysis engine
      has been incorporated into major search vendor's offerings. You could
      say "Teragram doesn't make search tools, they make search tools
      better" (to paraphrase the old BASF commercials...). You'll learn how
      this particular tool addresses many taxonomy challenges (such as
      leveraging large taxonomies and term disambiguation).

      Raritan is an integration firm comprised of a bunch of talented
      engineers who have been building complex search integration
      applications for the past 10 years. They use a framework that they
      have developed to help tie the pieces together - taxonomy integration,
      search integration, cascading search queries and other very innovative
      ways of putting the pieces together.

      Earley & Associates, Inc (www.earley.com) helps organizations in the
      areas of content management, knowledge management, search, and
      taxonomy strategy. They offer results driven solutions that allow our
      clients to realize a better return on their investment in content
      management and collaboration systems.

      If you have problems registering, please contact Stephanie Lemieux at
      Earley & Associates. stephanie@....

      Stephanie (on behalf of Seth Earley)