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1Welcome to the Taxonomy CoP

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  • seth_earley
    Apr 17, 2005
      Interestingly the first hurdle I had to creating this group was
      where to place it in the yahoo hierarchy. There was no term
      for 'taxonomy". (That would have been too easy!) Instead I looked
      for other groups that had similar purposes such as those for
      controlled vocabularies, indexing, libraries, etc. Here are the
      classifications that I found for groups related to classification:

      Colleges and Universities
      Communications and Networking
      Data Formats
      Teaching and Research

      and my favorite: 'Other' !

      Someone responsible for organizing categories chose to put their
      group into 'Other'! Interesting. So I chose "indexing" even
      though it us under the publishing node. I think this is emblametic
      of our challenge.

      Feel free to post questions or topics for future CoP meetings. This
      forum is free, the taxo conference calls will cost $50 per call.

      Seth Earley
      Questions? Give me a call at 781-444-0287 or drop a note at seth at
      earley dot com.