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Analytical Tarot - Part Ten

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    Gentle Tarot Folk, Tarot News Volume Three, Number 80 August 8, 2004 ******************************** * Analytical Tarot - Part Ten *
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      Gentle Tarot Folk,

      Tarot News Volume Three, Number 80
      August 8, 2004

      * Analytical Tarot - Part Ten *

      In this issue:

      A. Tarot Writing 110 - Your second and third books

      B. Tarot Deck Creation

      A. Tarot Writing 110 - Your second and third books

      I'd like to bring up some advanced tarot writing
      topics, subject material for your second and third
      tarot books. This assumes you know enough about
      the 78 archetypes, basic reading techniques, and
      other symbolic associations to have written your
      first book. It is my firm belief that the journey
      into and through the tarot never ends. It spirals.
      Around and around again. The more you study and
      learn and work with the tarot, the more you get
      out of it. Your personal realizations deepen and
      widen. You may start seeing the archetypes all
      around you, in your life and in your world. Keep a
      record of your thoughts and in time, the major
      theme of a book idea will reveal itself.

      We live in a golden age of tarot. Publishers are
      coming out with numerous books on advanced tarot
      studies. Most major bookstores have a whole case
      filled with tarot titles dealing with reversals,
      the courts, layouts, exercises, spiritual
      discovery, meditations, and magick spells.
      Previously, these topics had a paragraph, or at
      most a chapter, in a standard 78
      definitions/meanings sort of book about a specific
      tarot deck. Now books are devoted to each topic

      The body of the best text you can write will come
      from a topic that you personally struggled with.
      Which cards, spreads, topics are most difficult
      for you? Do you hate the Swords, the Hermit, the
      Pages? Learn everything you can about your
      `challenge' subject and chronicle your thoughts
      and feelings about it. Develop your own ways of
      dealing with it. Figure out a set of effective
      solutions. I find over and over, that the reader
      who sticks with it and works hard to overcome
      their least favorite aspect of the tarot,
      eventually becomes expert in it.

      Apply the tarot to your life. If you are thinking
      of finding a new job, come up with job
      descriptions for the 78 cards. Add job
      descriptions for the reversals. Struggling with
      depression or just general self-improvement? Write
      78 positive affirmations or goals or compliments.
      Certainly there are already books and decks out
      there with affirmations, spells, and meditations,
      but your life experiences and realizations make
      your tarot wisdom unique and valuable. Please
      share it with us and get writing!

      B. Tarot Deck Creation

      It is my mission to encourage anyone and everyone
      to create their own tarot deck.

      The 78 (or 22) archetypes of the tarot are
      experienced differently by everyone. We all have
      a Mother and Father; but my mother and father are
      very different from your mother and father. Mine
      may be the Queen of Cups and the King of
      Pentacles. Yours may more closely resemble the
      Empress and Emperor or the Queen and King of

      Your very own personal tarot deck created by you,
      in the language of symbols that are meaningful to
      you is an incredibly powerful tool for accessing
      your own intuition and tarot reading abilities.
      What says The Fool better than a picture of
      yourself taken right before an adventure? Think of
      a pivotal experience in your life, that was like
      falling off a Tower. What symbols bring back the
      lessons learned from that experience?

      If you are an artist, you'll probably want to work
      in your favorite medium to create a deck. If
      you're like me, you'll want to turn to easy
      alternatives like collage and digital photography.

      Idea #1 - Scrapbook Deck
      Collect telling photos from all aspects and times
      of your life.
      Raid old photo albums and make copies of pictures
      of family and friends at all ages that speak to
      you of the 78 archetypes.
      Scan and add titles and borders.
      Fit into a business card template so you can print
      copies for all your friends and family members.

      Idea #2 - Collage Deck
      (This is the deck I created with inspiration from
      the Neuro-Tarot website.)
      Go through lots of magazines and cut out any and
      all pictures and words that strike you - good or
      Fit these into the 78 card framework or invent
      your own new framework.
      Paste cut-outs onto index cards.
      Decorate with glitter and paint.

      Idea #3 - Symbolic Shorthand Deck
      Get a blank deck with or without titles.
      Draw simple colors and symbols that represent the
      archetypes, like a yellow Sun, a bra for the 8 of
      Swords, a gate for the Knight of Swords.

      The deck ideas are endless. There are as many deck
      ideas out there as there are tarot readers. You
      may get inspired and create several decks for
      different purposes. Or you may work on one deck
      for many years. It's a very valuable and lovely
      growing experience that I wish for everyone to

      Light, love, and laughter,
      Lady Lorelei, CTM
      Publishers hearken! For more about this and my
      other book ideas, be sure to scroll down this

      Copyright 2004 by Melissa Michael and the Tarot
      Institute, all rights reserved. Tarot News may be
      used by teachers to assist students in learning
      tarot as long as the source is quoted and students
      are taught how to access Tarot News on-line.

      * Endnote *

      The above, and everything I write, is my opinion.
      It's one way of looking at the tarot, not the only
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