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RE: Fw: 5k / 10k fundraiser

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  • Adam Ipock
    Hello Scouts. You are receiving this email because your Troop and/or Pack is part of the Tar River District. The Rocky Mount Endurance Club (RMEC) has some
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      Hello Scouts. You are receiving this email because your Troop and/or Pack is
      part of the Tar River District. The Rocky Mount Endurance Club (RMEC) has
      some exciting news to share about a fundraising opportunity for your Unit and
      for Camp Charles.

      The RMEC is a local non-profit running club with over 50 members who enjoy
      running in our community. We also host several races, including one
      scheduled on 09/11/2010. It is the Golf Club at Rocky Mount 5k & 10k
      <http://www.fordscolonyrace.com/> (formerly the Ford's Colony 5k & 10k). We
      are pleased to announce that this year's race has selected the Tar River
      District Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts as our beneficiary. We are thrilled about
      the partnership we have established with the Scouts, and hope you will help
      us raise awareness about our race .

      The race proceeds will be split into three different categories: 1) The
      Pack/Troop Challenge; 2) Volunteer Recognition Banquet; 3) Camp Charles
      Capital Improvements. Here are details about each category:

      1) Pack/Troop Challenge: There are 21 Pack/Troop combinations in Nash and
      Edgecombe counties. For the purpose of the "Challenge" we have grouped each
      Pack and Troop together (Unit). All we ask is that your Unit encourage
      people to run or volunteer in this year's race. That's it! When people
      register, they will have the option to designate a Unit to credit their entry
      towards. Registered participants earn you points. The top three Units with
      the most points on race day will win a cash contribution!

      $500 - 1st Place Unit
      $300 - 2nd Place Unit
      $200 - 3rd Place Unit

      If members of your Unit decide to register as a runner, that counts too!
      Detailed rules for the contest are at the bottom of this email.

      2) Volunteer Recognition Banquet: In addition to rewarding the top three
      Packs/Troops from the Challenge, the race will make an additional $500 gift
      towards the District Volunteer Recognition Banquet. This event is held
      annually to recognize all of the Scout volunteers that help our local

      3) Camp Charles Capital Improvements: Remaining race proceeds will be given
      towards Camp Charles in Bailey, North Carolina. This Camp is available and
      used by all of the Tar River District Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. Any capital
      improvements made to the park can be enjoyed by all scouts. The estimated
      contribution to Camp Charles is $1,500-$2,000. The actual amount will depend
      on the number of runners and race expenses.

      So please help us spread the word about this years race. You can do this by
      email, phone call, posting fliers, Facebook, or just old fashion
      word-of-mouth. Registration for runners and volunteers is only available
      online at www.fordscolonyrace.com <http://www.fordscolonyrace.com/> . If you
      have any questions, please contact Michael Forrester at runrmec@...
      <mailto:runrmec@...> . See you in September!

      Michael Forrester
      Rocky Mount Endurance Club

      Pack/Troop Challenge - Official Rules:

      Eligible Units must be is Nash or Edgecombe county, and part of the
      Tar River District as of June 1, 2010.
      For purposes of the challenge, Troops and Packs are combined based on
      their Unit number. If you do not have a matching Unit, you are listed as
      just a Pack or a Troop.
      Cash awards will be given in the form of a check that is made out to
      the Pack and/or Troop. All funds should be used to directly benefit your
      Unit. No individuals should profit from the prize.
      Points will be awarded as follows:

      10k Runner - 1 point
      5k Runner - 1 point
      Fun Run - 0.5 point
      Volunteer - 1 point (maximum volunteer credit per Unit is 3

      Points are based on registration, not on the actual participation in
      the race. Volunteers however must be present at the race for that credit to
      be counted.
      Race participants must select the Unit they wish to credit at the
      time of registration. We will NOT be able to give back credit if someone
      decides later they want to select a Unit. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS TO
      THIS RULE.
      The contest dates run from 06/01/10 - 09/09/10, or when the race
      reaches capacity (whichever is reached first). Both races will sell out
      Each Pack/Troop will have 25 race brochures available to them no
      later than July 1st. These can be used at your discretion to help promote
      the race.
      The spirit of this contest is to have fun. Even though only the top
      three Units will be awarded a prize, all Scouts will benefit from the Camp
      Charles Improvements.
      Rocky Mount Endurance Club reserves the right to modify the rules if


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