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Wildlife Habitat

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  • Burl Williams
    HI To ALL, The BFS Freedom Wildlife Habitat is still building. If you have BS needing a project for there EAGLE. I m sure there could be one there. If
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2007

      HI To ALL,
      The BFS "Freedom Wildlife Habitat"  is still building.  If you have BS needing a project for there EAGLE.  I'm sure there could be one there.   If your Cubs need a project for the community and/or outdoors  there could be a project for them.  Ask, design, build and do.
      Month of May and  on the 12th  day  the Freedom Habitat will be hosting a Merit Badge Day.  Any over night camping must go through David Mahan  (Wilson Dist.)
      363-4996 cell.
      We are still in need for Councilors:
              Bird Study                            Environmental Science                           Forestry                                          Insect Study               Mamal Study
              Nature                                   Plant Science                                              Reptile & Amphibian Study     Others you may want to present?
      Other Merit Badges that may have Counselors already are.................
          American Business            Chemistry                              Communications             Compters        Electricity           Electronics         Energy
          Engineering                           Emergency Prepardness      Farm Mechanics        Fire Safety         First Aid         Fish & Wildlife Mgn't
          Landscap Archetecture      Metalwork                                   Personal Mg't             Safety               Soil and water Conservation
          Truck Transprtation
      If you have trouble making connections  let me know.   I'll try to get you in touch with the lead on the event.
      Burl Williams
      EarthLink Revolves Around You.

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