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Raffles a No No

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  • Tim Lane
    As units are moving full steam ahead, I know many are planning additional fundraisers throughout the year. Please remember, raffles are not allowed by BSA
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 27, 2011

      As units are moving full steam ahead, I know many are planning additional fundraisers throughout the year. Please remember, raffles are not allowed by BSA policy. Below is a good article stating Boy Scout Policy:


      Why Raffles Are a No-No but Door Prizes May Be O.K.

      Raffles or games of chance are a strict "no-no" with the BSA, yet local units often find themselves unwittingly drifting into these troubled waters in search of needed funds.

      So why are raffles not O.K.? And how do you tell if a proposed money-earning project violates the no-raffles policy?

      By applying a simple test to the following example, you can find the answer to both questions:

      Several dozen parents volunteer to bake cakes to help a Cub Scout pack raise money for a special outing. Leaders debate whether to sell chances on the cakes or auction them off to the highest bidders. Some maintain that selling chances will bring in more money. Others say, "We can't do that - it's against the rules."

      How do you decide? By following the long-standing BSA precept that each person who buys something from a Scout unit must receive something of value in return.

      "In an auction," explains BSA Finance Support Division associate director Dick Schmidt, "the high bidder, or 'winner,' always gets the cake - and is the only one who pays anything. However, if you sell chances, one person wins the prize while the others receive nothing for what they paid. That's why we never endorse raffles."

      What about a "chance" to win a door prize? A unit may give away door prizes in connection with a dinner or entertainment event if no added charge is made for the chance to win a prize.

      "Give" is the key word here. Although offering door prizes may increase the incentive to buy tickets to the event, each buyer also receives the actual value of a meal or a performance in return for the price of the ticket. The door prizes are a free "extra."


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