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510camporee paperwork

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  • Ron Kanthak
    Feb 1, 2008
      To all units that attended the winter camporee;
             I am sorry for the delay in getting the paperwork out to everyone, but I would like it to be right and complete. I am still trying to get the Indian Lore sheets back, if anyone from Troop 5 can please contact the lady who did the Indian Lore and get the paperwork from her to me I would greatly appreciate it. I plan to send out the paperwork to units Monday morning with or without the Indian Lore sheets, I do not want to wait any longer, and in that case will send the I the Indian Lore to the respective troops in a serperate enevolpe. If you have any questions on the merit badge sheets when you receive them let me know and if I can not answer your question, I will get you in touch with the merit badge instructor.
             Ed, could you or Vann foreward this email to the Wilson troops, 185 and 332. Kathy, could you do the same with Troop 24.
              I appreciate your patience, and hope you understand that I had intended to have these out to units in 7 to 10 days, but there were issues that prevented it.
               Again i am sorry for any inconvience this delay may have caused your units.
                         Ron Kanthak (the man to blame)