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1441FW: 2014 District Recharter Status 12.30.13.xls

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  • Best, Terry - NRCS, Halifax, NC
    Dec 30, 2013


      Folks this where we stand as of this morning.  I know that a lot of your have completed this already.  Please follow-up with Judy at the council office to make verify her receipt and completeness of your re-charter.  If you have not completed give me a call so I can help you with this process.


      Again this was as of this morning.  Remember the Council Office will be closed during this week for inventory.




      Terry Best


      From: Judy Phillips [mailto:juphilli@...]
      Sent: Monday, December 30, 2013 3:44 PM
      To: Ray Franks; Richard Bogan; Daniel Cross; Joella Gniewkowski; Jon Garn; Matthew Lanouette; Matthew Connors; Matthew Compton; Brandon Kleimann
      Cc: 'Winston Shearin'; Richard Bush (richjr.bush@...); 'Daniel Grummert'; 'Phil Decker'; 'Billy Gurkin'; Best, Terry - NRCS, Halifax, NC; 'Jeffery McKee'; eliotfsmith@...; 'Norman belmore'
      Subject: 2014 District Recharter Status 12.30.13.xls



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