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1424Camping Equipment Needed

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  • James Suggs
    Nov 15, 2013
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      Hi everyone,
      My oldest son, Tony, is teaching in Detroit and has sent out the following request for help.  Please pass this request on to your districts, units, troops, everyone you can find.  I'll be driving to Detroit on December 21, so I'll need anything we can gather before then.  
      Thanks for your help!
      Tony wrote: "This is a call out to all of my scouting/outdoorsy friends! I am lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to start an Outdoor Life Skills class at the high school in Detroit that I am teaching at. The class will start next semester, and my goal is to cultivate leadership skills, build a sense of community, and give the students some great life experience, as well as an appreciation of nature. I will make this possible through the medium of outdoor adventures. Few of my students have ever camped or hiked before, and this class will allow them to have this AWESOME experience.

      Here is where you come in. The school that I work at does not have the funds to invest in camping equipment, and most of my students would not be able to afford things like tents or sleeping bags. I am asking that anyone who has extra, old, or left-over camping equipment they would like to donate, to please arrange to get it to 
      Mickie Whitehead at 252-955-0228 or mickiewhitehead1@..., who will get it to me. We will take anything you have- tents, sleeping bags, camp stoves, jackets, spools of rope, cooking equipment, ect.

      If you can give any of the above items, or anything else I may have missed, please do! I know that my students will be very grateful for everything, and that you will be making a tangible difference in a young person's life! Thank you very much! Please Share this!"