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1394Fw: Bemont 5 Miler - Benfiting Tar River District Scouts

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  • James Suggs
    Jul 8, 2013
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      Subject: Bemont 5 Miler - Benfiting Tar River District Scouts

      Good evening Scout Leaders.  I hope this email finds you well.  I received your contact information from your Northern Service Area Senior District Executive, Matt Connors.
      My name is Michael Forrester.  I am directing a 5-mile race at Belmont Lake Golf Club (yes, a foot race at the golf course).  The race is called The Belmont 5 (http://www.belmont5.com/).  This event replaces a race that was held from 2008-2011.  Like previous years our race will benefit local scouting.  For this reason we wanted to make all local Troops/Packs aware of the race.
      Race Date:  09/07/13 @ 8:00 am
      Race Location:  Belmont Lakes Golf Club (formerly Ford's Colony)
      Cash Donations to Scout Units:  Every runner or volunteer that signs up online for the race can pick a Tar River District Scout Unit to give a "point".  The Scout Units with the most points after the race win a cash donation from our race as follows:
      • $300 - 1st Place Unit
      • $200 - 2nd Place Unit
      • $100 - 3rd Place Unit
      • $75 - 4th Place Unit
      • $50 - 5th Place Unit
      How Does it Work:  First of all, participation is completely optional.  All we ask is that you encourage people you know to run the race (or volunteer).  Ask that when they sign up, they pick your Scout Unit to give the point.  It is built in to the registration process.  Every Tar River District Scout Unit is available to be selected.  So make sure you not only tell them to sign up, but to pick your unit!
      How Can I Get People to Run? 
      • The easiest method is word of mouth.  Just tell your friends and give them the race website http://www.belmont5.com/
      • We also have some small race posters (one per unit) that we can provide. These have a place for you to write your unit number.  You may find that the church where you meet will allow you to put up a poster, or a local business would allow it.
      • You can also of course use email and Facebook too.
      • Be creative. . . but please don't "spam" your entire email list.
      • Give them a discount code.  We set up a unique discount code that takes 10% off the registration cost.  The discount code is your unit (for example: PACK5 or TROOP413 or PACK96 etc.  Giving them a discount will encourage them to sign up, and help them to remember your Scout Unit.
      Can I volunteer?  Yes!  We do have a limited number of volunteer spots, and these are first come-first serve.  We do kindly request that any volunteer under 13 be paired with an adult volunteer when signing up.  The jobs are easy, and require no experience.  Volunteers can sign up online just like a runner.
      What if my Scout Unit doesn't win?  Our race will also contribute a minimum of $300 to Camp Charles.  We know this is a camp that all Tar River District Scouts can enjoy.
      That is pretty much everything you need to know.  You do not need to do anything.  If you need more information or would like to arrange to pick up a race poster, please reply to this email.  To respect your email privacy, we will not send any other emails unless we are responding to one from you.
      Thank you.
      Michael Forrester
      Tar River Running Compnay

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