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1292Tiger Leader Training and online registration for training

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  • Don Ulrich
    Oct 18, 2012
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      Unit Leaders, please let your new Tiger leaders know of the training available to them.  They can sign up and do the specific training online at scouting.org or they can attend the roundtable on November 8 with festivities starting at 6:30 PM and getting down to business at 7:00 PM.  Phil Broomell will be giving the training if we can get some Tiger leaders there.  It’ll be February before it’s available again at roundtable. 



      I’ve had a few people ask me about training online, and it seems that they were confused with setting it up.  Come to the roundtable, and I’ll bring my laptop (when it’s fixed or I’ll get another).  Bring your scout card of have your scout number handy, and we’ll get you registered if possible.   If something goes wrong, I’ll have the info I need to contact Kinston and get it straight.  Also, when you register online, it’s a great place to start to see the dates of  your past training events.   If your leaders want to get in before then, give me a call.




      Don Ulrich

      Tar River District Training Team