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Invoking Global-Divine-Feminine Re: [Adi_Shakti] Re: Lalita Sahasra Nama

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  • Templar Twain
    Arrival of Divine Redeemer Shakti ... The Nine Nights of the Divine Mother Approaches! Well in four days Goddess Sri Durga Devi Maa will come to Earth for the
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 26, 2008

      Arrival of Divine Redeemer Shakti ...

      The Nine Nights of the Divine Mother Approaches!

      Well in four days Goddess Sri Durga Devi Maa will come to Earth for the nine day celebration of Shakti (feminine universal consciousness responsible for all living things). Here she is flanked by her children Sri Kartikeya, Sri Ganesha, Sri Sarasvati Maa, and Sri Lakshmi Maa.


      http://www.ojaipost .com/2008/ 09/arrival_ of_divine_ mother_shakt. shtml

      She has defeated already all of our inner demons. She is the remover of all conflict. She bestows spiritual and physical accomplishment, wealth, and wisdom through her children which are actually emanations of her!

      This is a time to realize the Mother of the Universe who is song/shakti and responsible for EVERYTHING that lives, moves and breathes.

      Durga Navratri is almost here! This is the time during which millions of people all over the world are actively invoking the Goddess-Healing through prayer, chanting, ritual, fasting, rejoicing and meditation. This happens in celebration of the manifestation of the Divine Shakti of all of the Deities as Ma Durga who overcomes the forces of ignorance, cruelty and servitude. Her influence is needed especially during this critical time challenge and change as the US population seeks to throw off the demon British and European royal bankers.

      This year, Durga Navratri occurrs from September 30th through October 8th. This is an invitation to join together in whatever form of invocation of the Divine Mother feels appropriate for you. One each of these nine days and nights, call out to the Living Force that animates all things, and offer prayers for all of Her children, all sentient beings. Realize that we are each a global link, a vessel through which Durga-Ma can act in order to bring the wisdom of all cultures to save the isolated and oppressed.

      A special invitation is given to those who may wish to create a work of art that expresses or transmits this Divine Spirit through any medium or method. These can become sacred vehicles for conducting the electrifying presence of the Divine Mother...blessed imagery to circulate to all the healing discussions, gatherings, and communities of Mother Earth.

      The practice of invocation can be as simple as chanting "MA" as intuitively guided, or as a full-breath tone. Inhaling a silent "OM" and exhaling the vibration of "MAAAAAAA". If this is done for a prolonged period of time (27 breaths? 108 breaths?) the nervous system can become such a channel for Her energy and Inspiration! This, or any sincere chant, intoned on each of the Nine Nights can have a profound effect on our lives and the world. This is especially true if we dedicate the gathered Shakti to the blessing of all life-systems, to all of the planetwide children of the Divine Mother.

      Let us join together at this time of our global dispossession of the demons of industrial warfare, as we chant the closing of the doors of the monetary economy of materialism, and sing the universal replanting of Mother Earth's forests and rainforests. Return life, divine nature, the garden of Shakti herself.

      For all our world family. All our ancestors, all our progeny.

      Om Kali-Durge Namo Namah!

      Om Jai Ma!

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