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Re: [TaoTalk] guv'mint sucks IMO

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  • Dave Winslow
    From: ken potts ... the ... your ... they ... vote ... be ... All those things are more blatant of course than what occurs here, but the
    Message 1 of 58 , Feb 1, 2001
      From: ken potts <potts@...>

      > From: Dave Winslow <David@...>
      > >
      > > From: ken potts <potts@...>
      > > >
      > > > Excuse me sticking my nose in. It would seem to me that what makes
      > US
      > > a
      > > > good country is that each citizen has a vote in a system which is
      > > reasonably
      > > > corrruption free and the citizens can change things if they want to.
      > >
      > > I think we are anything but corruption free. It is institutionalized in
      > the
      > > form of lobbyists, equal donations to both political parties to cover
      > > bets, flagrant pork barrel, the most obvious pandering to any group who
      > can
      > > deliver a few votes.
      > >
      > > The individual citizen can not change government, only a well organized
      > > group can, e.g.. unions, PACs, activists. And that organization better
      > > understand the media, how to mold public opinion to their advantage, and
      > how
      > > to buy into the graces of those who can grease the skids. So the whole
      > > nature of the process taints the best of ideas before they ever take
      > effect.
      > > Minorities (except the chosen ones in political vogue of the moment) are
      > out
      > > of luck, and to the extend that the majority makes restrictive laws,
      > > are out of freedom as well. The smallest minority is the individual.
      > >
      > > > Your
      > > > constitution and Bill of Rights is a big help too. Rgds Ken
      > >
      > > What is left of the Constitution and Bill of Rights is a help, but the
      > > judiciary is not immune to the politics of the day and has weekend the
      > great
      > > document.
      > >
      > > Dave W.
      > >
      > >
      > I agree with you that those "corruptions "exist, that is why I said
      > reasonably corruption free.
      > If yo live in say the Philippines the candidates give you 100 pesos to
      > for them.
      > In the time of Marcos the military made sure you voted for him and in many
      > cases if you were a known supporter of the opposition you were likely to
      > found, or not found in a grave beside the roadside.

      All those things are more blatant of course than what occurs here, but the
      subtlety of our corruption makes it more insidious. It leaves many naively
      believing that things are not so bad.

      > Human nature being what it is I think there will always be corruption in
      > political system.

      Which is why it should be minimized in the minds of Libertarians and the
      founders of the US. But the forces of democracy have made blatant pandering
      to the masses the rule of the day and so we have increased the size and
      therefor the intrusiveness of government ten fold.

      > Something that puzzles me is how come only 50% of those eligible actually
      > vote( I think thats the figure). Prima facie it would seem that many of
      > citizens don't even care.
      > Rgds Ken

      Several thoughts:
      1 - To care, one must have belief, and that is in short supply.
      2 - To vote is to endorse a corrupt system that both candidate are part of.
      3 - Apathy, which correctly describes some of the non-voters I think, is a
      self defensive attitude. It is to spare oneself from the wall the rest of us
      continue banging our heads into.

      Dave W.
    • ken potts
      ... From: joel To: Sent: Thursday, February 08, 2001 9:01 AM Subject: Re: [TaoTalk] Re: on voluntary support ...
      Message 58 of 58 , Feb 7, 2001
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        > ken wrote:
        > >>
        > >> ps Since this is a taoism group here end s my discussion on
        > > economics for
        > >> which I apologize to the assembled multitude
        > >
        > Lisa wrote:
        > > No apologies needed, my friend. As to being off-topic, to me
        > > government, economics, and all human affairs are integral to daoism.
        > > To me daoism is studying the way we do things.
        > >
        > > Your insightful and very human(e) participation is always welcomed
        > > and appreciated here, Ken.
        > >
        > > Lisa
        > I agree :-) (was this a poll?)

        Hope not<G>. 35-40 deg here every day at the moment. Hows things in the
        Rgds Ken

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