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  • oneof10k2
    Jul 28, 2013
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      Hello All--

      I woke up early this morning, as a dear friend had asked me to her church to hear her son preach. I'd heard him on a youtube-like video before when his church had taped one of his sermons, so I knew he was a powerful and dynamic speaker. I was not disappointed. He talked about the congregation being presented with the opportunity to show love in action among its members. He said that a positive church environment is not one where everyone believes the same way or believes the church needs to be in agreement as to its direction. More, that the relationships between its members should be ones of cooperation and working and sharing with each other along the way. The congregation was big, with my friend's estimate of 600 people present. It's been awhile since going to church and a longer while since praying with 600 people. The parishioners were ordinary and welcoming to a t. The church service was an enriching beginning to my day.

      I got home and decided to cook and eat fresh sliced zucchini from the garden, sauteed with onions and baby bella mushrooms, then topped with brie pieces. Yummy! After lunch, I took a sweetly peaceful nap.

      I woke up and let the chickens out of their pens -- there are 2 hens left from the ones last year in one pen and the 6 remaining hens from this year in another -- and gathered (4) eggs.

      I picked up where I left off yesterday in digging up some rows for a bed of iris rhizomes someone gave me at work last week. Judy, my co-worker, spoke of the iris as if they were family members. She loves her plants and their place in her family. She brought me 100 and said she's bringing more on Monday. Thankfully the soil here is very easy to dig in, unlike the clay by the old house. Got most of the first 100 planted, 70 of them yesterday.

      Then I went and picked a large bunch of sugar snap peas that had been left to turn into peas. I shucked them while the water boiled and boiled them for about 20 minutes. Drained them and put butter, salt, and pepper on them and set them aside. There were 2 zucchini left and one of them went into 2 loaves of zucchini bread, which is baking as I type this. I'm munching on the cooled, delicious peas.

      This day is representative of life on the farm. It was a good decision to move out here. Hoping you each have had a satisfying Sunday. Would love to hear about it if you care to share.

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