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First Winter Rain - collection of tanka by Denis M. Garrison, published by METP

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    DATE: August 1, 2010 PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release Baltimore, Maryland – August 1, 2010 –First Winter Rain: Selected Tanka from 2006–2010 by
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      DATE: August 1, 2010 PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release

      Baltimore, Maryland – August 1, 2010 –First Winter Rain: Selected Tanka from 2006–2010 by Denis M. Garrison has been published as a trade paperback by MET Press of Baltimore, Maryland. This, his first collection of tanka, "is a welcome new poetry collection from a master of the tanka form in English."

      Critical Comment about First Winter Rain:

      "What I am struck by is the depth and openness of Garrison's work, and a sincerity that raises his art high above the playing field of today's tanka in English. I hadn't hoped to find such a wealth of tanka in one book by a single author this season or next! First Winter Rain holds a breadth of felt experience you owe to yourself."
      —Larry Kimmel, editor of Winfred Press

      "First Winter Rain is a welcome new poetry collection from a master of the tanka form in English. Between these covers we find individual tanka grouped in 8 themed chapters, where Denis Garrison's poetic virtuosity ranges across passionate love lyrics, strongly resonant tanka of place, and elegiac mood pieces. There are lush poems of peace, despairing poems of war; poems of hopefulness, poems of resignation; Garrison expresses succinctly the yin and yang of life, often within the one tanka:

      I am a speck
      On this rock in this ocean
      Lost in endless space
      But for this puppy I hold
      I am a warm breathing world

      "Following the individual poems there is a long final chapter of enthralling tanka presented in sets, strings and sequences, within which each piece stands alone and also resonates with the next. There could be no better description of the brilliance of Garrison's work, as showcased in First Winter Rain, than this tanka which appears in its first chapter:

      These unstrung beads
      Each is a work of art by itself
      Fragments of a piece
      But each a thing of beauty—
      They know the snowflake's secret"

      —Amelia Fielden M.A., translator and poet, Australia

      "Wide-ranging in subject matter, restless and probing in their inquiry of the human heart, Denis Garrison's tanka are somewhere near the fulcrum of all his efforts in poetry as editor, poet, and essayist. This generous, good man gifts us all with a lifetime of experience in the highs and lows of a well-traveled soul."
      —Michael McClintock, President, Tanka Society of America

      "Poet, editor and publisher, Denis M. Garrison, is a key contributor to the development of tanka in English. His practical encouragement of other writers is widely recognised and appreciated. First Winter Rain: Selected Tanka from 2006–2010 charts his personal journey on the tanka pathway with poems that successfully explore the potential of this diminutive genre to capture the essence of all that is of moment to the human heart."
      —Beverley George, Editor: Eucalypt: a tanka journal

      "Denis M. Garrison, well known as the publisher of Modern English Tanka Press, is an accomplished poet in his own right. In First Winter Rain, he brings together selected tanka to tell a story, a story which looks very much like his own, but which isn't quite autobiography. The poems carry the deep marks of war and tragedy that must of necessity evolve into a keen appreciation for beauty; without beauty there can be no redemption from the horrors of life. Garrison's details are so vivid and so accurate, that I, who also spent my childhood in Iowa and my adulthood in Maryland, can recognize his places without being told. When he travels foreign sands where I have never trod, I am not lost in an alien landscape but find the same vivid attention to detail gives me a visceral view as if I were riding in the backseat of his memories. First Winter Rain is proof that tanka is not a hothouse exotic but a thoroughly naturalized American literary form that can thrive in the most demanding environments."
      —M. Kei, author of Slow Motion: The Log of a Chesapeake Bay Skipjack

      "Praise for First Winter Rain — It's risky to publish 252 poems gathered from the prior five years of composition. With such a high number written in such a short time, chances are that a lot of weak work will sneak through a screening process that still needs fine-tuning. But, this doesn't seem to be the case here. Almost all of his tanka burst with the energy of the everyday and the experimentation of a curious mind."
      —George Swede, editor of Frogpond: The Journal of the Haiku Society of America, is a poet, editor and educator, the author of 31 collections of poetry.

      About the Author:

      Denis M. Garrison is the publisher of Ambrosia: Journal of Fine Haiku, and Concise Delight Magazine of Short Poetry. He lives near Maryland's Chesapeake Bay with his wife, Deborah. A 1974 Towson graduate in English literature, he edited Towson's literary magazine and taught creative writing for Johns Hopkins University's Free University. His poetry is published in Poetry Scotland, Nightingale, Verse Libre Quarterly, Simply Haiku, Ribbons, Lynx, Nisqually Delta Review, Moonset, Wisteria, Roadrunner, Stirring, World Haiku Review, Haiga Online, Paper Wasp, Short Stuff, Full Moon, Clouds Peak, and others, and in his books, Eight Shades of Blue (haiku), Hidden River (haiku), Fire Blossoms: The Birth of Haiku Noir, and Sailor in the Rain and Other Poems. He has edited Modern English Tanka, Modern Haiga, Haiku Harvest (2000-2006; digital & print), Ku Nouveau, Haiku Noir, Templar Phoenix, Haiku Cycles, and Gunpowder River Poetry. Garrison's poetry is published in several anthologies, including: May Dazed, Poets Gone Wild, Fire Pearls, Sixty Sunflowers, The Five-Hole Flute, The Dreaming Room, Landfall, and Streetlights. In 2002, he was a founding editor of Amaze: The Cinquain Journal. In 2005, Garrison was a founding editor of Loch Raven Review.

      For media inquiries or to arrange an interview with the author, contact Denis M. Garrison by e-mail at dmg@.... Publisher information at: www.themetpress.com.

      This book is available from www.Lulu.com/modernenglishtanka. Information is available online at www.themetpress.com Price: $13.95 USD. ISBN 978-1-935398-21-9. Trade paperback. 168 pages, 6" x 9", perfect binding, 60# cream interior paper, black and white interior ink, 100# exterior paper, full-color exterior ink.

      About MET Press:

      MET Press (Modern English Tanka Press) is an independent publishing house in Baltimore, Maryland, dedicated to producing work of lasting literary value, especially fine verse. A family business, we treat our customers and partners in publishing like family. We use modern print-on-demand production and distribution methods. Our special mission is to promote the tanka form of poetry and to educate newcomers about this most ancient poetic form.

      Contact: Denis M. Garrison, owner, MET Press / Modern English Tanka Press, 443-559-2776. Email to dmg@... www.themetpress.com ###
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