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TAKE FIVE: BEST CONTEMPORARY TANKA Vol. 2 (for poems publ. in 2009) published

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    Baltimore, Maryland – May 31, 2010 – The Take Five editorial team consisting of M. Kei, editor-in-chief (USA), Sanford Goldstein (JP), Patricia Prime (NZ),
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      Baltimore, Maryland – May 31, 2010 – The Take Five editorial team consisting of M. Kei, editor-in-chief (USA), Sanford Goldstein (JP), Patricia Prime (NZ), Kala Ramesh (IN), Alexis Rotella (USA), and Angela Leuck (CAN), read all contemporary tanka published in English during 2009, more than 16,000 poems. Sources ranged from tanka journals to social media to musical performances to chapbooks and many other formats. The result is Take Five: Best Contemporary Tanka, Volume Two, showcasing tanka, tanka prose, and tanka sequences by 140 poets from more than a dozen countries, with cover art by Alexis Rotella. The inaugural volume has been honored by The Montserrat Review on their "Best Reading" list for Autumn, 2009.

      The second volume contains an introduction that summarizes recent tanka developments in traditional and new media, as well as discussion of notable tanka from the anthology. New this year is tanka formatted on one and two lines, in contrast to the usual five line presentation for English. The age range of the poets spans more than six decades, from poets in their early twenties to their late eighties. Several poets had never or only rarely been published in the usual tanka media and were discovered via social media; they appear side by side with famous names known to the tanka world for decades. The resulting anthology is a treasury of tanka that shows the wide range of approaches, subjects, and traditions for contemporary tanka in English.

      Originating in Japan over 1400 years ago, tanka has survived and evolved due to its strength and flexibility. Each tanka is as complete as a pebble, yet like a pebble thrown into the still pond of a receptive mind, becomes the center of ever widening ripples. Readers become co-creators by joining their own experiences and emotions with the images and ideas evoked by the poets. This is the most powerful kind of poetry: poetry that can span the gap between nations and meld itself with local traditions to provide a new—yet ancient—way to engage the world.

      "Take Five: Best Contemporary Tanka, Volume Two—What a nice present for us! We, tanka enthusiasts around the world, welcome this anthology. And, I really appreciate the time and energy M. Kei has spent compiling this book. Take Five: Best Contemporary Tanka, Volume Two is certainly one of the best anthologies in the growing community of English Tanka." —Kozue Uzawa, Ph.D., Editor, Gusts: Contemporary Tanka, award-winning translator of tanka.

      "The editorial team of Take Five is an international one. Its reading encompasses an impressive range of sources of tanka in English, both electronically ephemeral, or captured in print. Thus Take Five: Best Contemporary Tanka, Volume Two leads this diminutive genre to the next phase of accessibility and accurate representation of the times in which it is composed. In so doing, it is true to Japanese origins where poetry was, and remains, a widespread, integral part of everyday life." —Beverley George, Editor, Eucalypt.

      Poets appearing in the anthology: A. A. Marcoff, A. Thiagarajan, Adelaide B. Shaw, ai li, Alex von Vaupel, Alexis Rotella, Amelia Fielden, An Xiao, an'ya, Ana-Maria DiVera, André Surridge, Andrew Cook-Jolicoeur, Andrew Riutta, Angela Leuck, Annette Mineo, Audrey Olberg, Aurora Antonovic, Aya Yuhki, Barbara Strang, Becky DeVito, Belinda Broughton, Bell Gale Chevigny, Beverley George, Bob Lucky, C. W. Hawes, C. William Hinderliter, Carol Raisfeld, Carole MacRury, Carolyn Eldridge-Alfonzetti, Carolyn Thomas, Cathy Drinkwater Better, Chad Lee Robinson, Chen-ou Liu, Cherie Hunter Day, Claudia Coutu-Radmore, Colin Stewart Jones, Collin Barber, Cor van den Heuvel, Curtis Dunlap, Cynthia Rowe, Dave Bacharach, Dave Bachelor, David Lee Kirkland, David Rice, David Terelinck, Dawn Bruce, Deborah P. Kolodji, Denis M. Garrison, Don Miller, Dorothy McLaughlin, Elaine Riddell, Ferris Gilli, Francis Masat, Gautam Nadkarni, Geert Verbeke, George Swede, H. Gene Murtha, J. Andrew Lockhart, Jade Pandora, James Tipton, Jane Reichhold, Janet Lynn Davis, Jared Carter, Jean LeBlanc, Jeanne Emrich, Jeffrey Woodward, Jo McInerney, Joanne Morcom, John Martell, John Quinnett, Joyce Sandeen Johnson, June Moreau, Kala Ramesh, Karen Cesar, Kathy Kituai, Kathy Lippard Cobb, Kirsty Karkow, Kisaburo Konoshima, Kozue Uzawa, Kris Lindbeck, Larry Kimmel, Laurence Stacey, Lenard D. Moore, LeRoy Gorman, Liam Wilkinson, Linda Galloway, Linda Jeannette Ward, Lois Harvey, Lorelei Jolie Polden, M. Kei, M. L. Grace, M. L. Harvey, Magdalena Dale, Margaret Chula, Margarita Engle, Maria Steyn, Marian Morgan, Marilyn Hazelton, Marilyn Potter, Mark Rutter, Mary Mageau, Max Ryan, Megan Arkenberg, Melissa Dixon, Michael Ketchek, Michael McClintock, Miriam Sagan, Natalia L. Rudychev, Owen Bullock, Pamela A. Babusci, Pamela Cooper, Pamela Miller Ness, Patricia Prime, Patrick M. Pilarski, Paul O. Williams, Paul Smith, Peggy Heinrich, Philip Miller, Philomene Kocher, R. K. Singh, Randy Brooks, Raquel D. Bailey, Reiko Nakagawa, robert d. wilson, Robert Kusch, Roberta Beary, Roger Jones, Ruth Holzer, Sanford Goldstein, Sean Greenlaw, stanley pelter, Susan Marie La Vallee, Terry Ann Carter, Tess Driver, Thelma Mariano, Tom Clausen, Vasile Moldovan, William Hart, and William I. Elliott.

      For media inquiries or to arrange an interview with the editor-in-chief, contact M. Kei by e-mail at: take5tanka@... Publisher information at: www.themetpress.com

      This book is available from www.Lulu.com/modernenglishtanka. Information is available online at www.themetpress.com Price: $16.95 USD. ISBN 978-1-935398-20-2. Trade paperback. 200 pages, 6" x 9", perfect binding, 60# cream interior paper, black and white interior ink, 100# exterior paper, full-color exterior ink.

      About MET Press:

      MET Press (Modern English Tanka Press) is an independent publishing house in Baltimore, Maryland, dedicated to producing work of lasting literary value, especially fine verse. A family business, we treat our customers, authors, and partners in publishing like family. We use modern print-on-demand production and distribution methods. Our special mission is to promote the tanka form of poetry and to educate newcomers about this most ancient poetic form.

      Contact: Denis M. Garrison, owner, MET Press / Modern English Tanka Press 443-559-2776 Email to dmg@... www.themetpress.com ###
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