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  • I bet I'll find these on the 'net somewhere. What would be the episode number? --- In TalkAntietam@^$1, Dave wrote: > > Stu, > You might also want to check out the Otto House video that, I believe, > was aired on public tv in Hagerstown back in 2008. I have the entire > series, but the episodes are too large for email. They were done by > Keven Walker, the house guru at ANB...
    Stu Jul 4, 2011
  • I did purchase the book on my visit to Antietam a couple of weeks ago. I found it immensely helpful. Thank you! --- In TalkAntietam@^$1, "eighth_conn_inf" wrote: > > Stu, > > There is a chapter in "Antietam Farmsteads" titled "John Otto Farm," pages 99-107, which should help a lot. The book is available through the bookstore. > > For more detailed info, you could consider visiting...
    Stu Jul 4, 2011
  • Where I can find information on the Otto House and Farm in addition to it's inhabitants at the time of the battle? Stu
    Stu Apr 14, 2011
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