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Re: [TalkAntietam] Account of Irish Brigade

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    In a message dated 09/17/2002 8:34:31 PM EST, gerry1952@fast.net writes: Indeed, as the website
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      << Did not Turner go under the nom de plume of Gallowglass? >>

      Indeed, as the website notes, James Turner used the nom de plume Gallowglass.
      He was an attorney from Jersey City, N.J. He came to the US in 1849. Turner
      was commissioned a lieutenant in F Company, 88th New York. He was promoted to
      adjutant of the 88th in August 1862, and to brigade staff the following

      It was as a lieutenant in the 88th that he would gain fame writing of the
      brigade's exploits for The Irish American under the pen name of
      "Gallowglass." Turner was wounded at Antietam, by which he had become a
      captain, and was away from the Brigade until he recovered in the spring 1864.
      He was shot in the head and killed at the Battle of the Wilderness in May
      1864. He was buried in Jersey City, leaving a wife and small child behind.

      The word Gallowglass comes from the Irish, gallóglaich, meaning "foreign

      Tom Shay - County Schuylkill, PA
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