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Re: [TalkAntietam] Back from Antietam

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    In a message dated 09/16/2002 6:20:38 PM EST, gerry1952@fast.net writes:
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      In a message dated 09/16/2002 6:20:38 PM EST, gerry1952@... writes:

      << How busy was the battlefield, and were you able to ask some good and
      specific questions at the Sunken Road? >>

      It was by far the most crowded that I've ever seen it. There were easily 200+
      people on the tours, so questions were minimal. The logistics of mvoing the
      crowd greatly reduced the amount of time that the rangers had for speaking.

      << Did you happen to pick up a copy of North and South magazine printed for
      the commemoration? >>

      I bought the N&S magazine at the ticket stand, they were selling it for one

      Tom Shay
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